Permanent mold casting is used primarily for medium to high production, although the process is sometimes used advantageously for low production. Cost per casting or per Kilo invariably decreases as quantity increases.

Costs for producing a 0.92lb aluminum alloy 319 casting in quantities of 100, 500, 1000 and 10,000 are itemised in the bgelow table. Costs per casting metal, degating and grinding remained the same regardless of quantity, but other unit costs gradually decreased as quantity increased. The decease in cost per casting as well as cost per KILO is approximately 30% as quantity increased from 100 to 10,000 castings.

Casting Examples


Production Details

ITEM                                EXAMPLE A     EXAMPLE B  
Weight of Casting kg  2.30kg


Number of Casting per Mold      1 1
Weight of Castings per Mold                        2.30kg 2.72kg
Gross Weight of Metal Poured per Mold  6.7kg 3.17kg
Ideal Yield % 34 86
Scrap % 8 3
Actual Yield % 31 83
Number of Cores per Casting None 1
Method of Mold Operation Machine Manual